• Experimental Design - We provide guidance based on years of biotech and pharma experience to ensure that your experiments are using the best and most appropriate technology to answer your scientific questions and are powered to provide maximal impact.
  • Computational Analysis - We provide complete computational analyses including:
    • Sequence analysis
      Whether you need standard sequence comparisons and motif hunting, or assembly and calculating expression levels from your sequencing data, we have the capability to handle it.
    • Expression profiling analysis
      We have a long history analysing RNA-Seq and scRNA-Seq data.
    • Gene set enrichment analysis
      In addition to the standard GSEA and the Broad GSEA, we have developed a semi-quantitative method that provides an estimate of how much cellular processes increase or decrease between expression datasets.
    • Pathway analysis including development of novel pathways
      We are the leaders in using Ariadne's Pathway Studio and Ingenuity's Pathway Analysis to build de novo pathways based on causal inferencing on expression and high-throughput screening data.
    • Meta-genomics analysis - including analyses tolerant of missing data
      Target ranking based on gene response across multiple types of data
      We use a multiple parameter optimisation method that ranks genes based on their response across disparate data types and is tolerant of missing data. The top-ranked genes are then analysed with pathway and functional analyses. This method has been successfully applied to multiple therapeutic areas and was showcased at the Society for Neuroscience meeting, Nov. 2011.
    • Biomarker identification
      We use de novo pathway development based on causal inferencing to identify measurable markers that are causally associated with your target. This gives you a much higher confidence that you will be able to detect if your compound is hitting your target.
  • Deep Biological Interpretation - We work with you to gain a deep understanding of the cellular processes and pathways affected in your experiments, and the genes involved in them
  • Infrastructure - We can develop and support your bioinformatics software and databases. Whether you need a complete analysis environment developed or simply have a collection of tools and datasets that need to be managed, we can handle it.
  • Software Usability Testing - We have a long history of working closely with companies to ensure that their software is easy to use and matches bench or computational scientists' needs. We help companies develop products that users actually want to use.
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